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Duo Violin & Piano

Anastasia Kozlova, violin

Michael Bulychev - Okser, piano

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Creating innovation in the field of classical music & attracting new audiences

Multidimensional violinist Anastasia de Haan - Kozlova knows how to keep her audience captivated with extraordinary interpretations, unusual musical stories and remarkable performative blends and ideas. Anastasia regularly performs both with chamber ensembles and as a soloist, across the

Netherlands and abroad. She has worked together with many distinguished musicians, including Sergei Pashkevich, Bernd Brackman, Klara Würtz, Natacha Kudritskaya, Daria van den Bercken, Timora Rosler, Daniel Rowland, the harp duo Bilitis, Vladimir Mendelssohn, as well as with some world renowned singers as Anna Shafajinskaia (dramatic Soprano) and Arutjun Kotchinian (baritone).

In 2009 Anastasia founded the Gooisch Klassiek international music festival, dedicated to designing and implementing new musical concepts, with the aim to introduce classical music to a wider younger public. At the heart of the Gooisch Klassiek festival lies the idea of combining classical music performances with other artistic spheres, disciplines and settings, including dance, visual art, flash mobs, interactive shows, sport activities, etc. The festival has collaborated with a number of associated partners, such as the Singer Museum and the Netherlands Radio Orchestra Musical Centre, and several music schools and institutions.

Currently, Anastasia made a new music festival, Festival Groeneveld, in the Netherlands at the Royal Palace Groeneveld in Baarn.  

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